Qinfeng Wu

What excites you about your new position?

The exciting opportunities to work with Fortune 500 companies to solve their hardest problems, and open the big platform McKinsey will provide for career development.

What steps did you take and/ what resources did you access to land this particular opportunity?

Graduate Career Services worked with me to improve my resume and cover letter. Once the documentation was set, my consultant taught me how to network with both companies and individual professionals. To set myself apart from other applicants, I then applied that knowledge and did the requisite networking outreach.  I also worked diligently on case study understanding, practice and protocol. 

Looking back on your internship search experience, what advice would you give to current students?

Start early, and plan early. Actively apply what you have learned. The first few steps are always the hardest. Once you braved the beginning of the journey of career development, the rest will come easier, and you will harvest great career opportunities.