Resources in Response to COVID-19

The Meruelo Family Center for Career Development is here for you.

Our Graduate Career Services team is here to support every Master's and PhD student. Among several continuing efforts, we have implemented two brand new forms of services to further ensure students are able to connect with our staff and resources. Read below for more information.



Online Form to Conveniently Request Services

Students are now able to request a number of our services and gain insight into how to get help while we are operating in a virtual model. Click here to get connected to the following topics:

We hope that this new self-service tool will get you connected to many of our resources and remain in touch with our staff. If you have any suggestions for feedback, please let us know.

Live Chat Service

A live chat service is now available Monday-Friday from 1:00 - 4:00pm (eastern daylight time). This service will provide you a quick way to ask questions. This is not an automated chat service – our staff will actively manage the chat and refer students to appropriate resources. See below for the chat window.


Many of the resources we have previously offered students remain available virtually!

Online Workshops

We will continue to offer events and workshops in a virtual format utilizing Zoom. A list of upcoming sessions will be available on the Events page of our website and you will be able to register via the Events feature in Handshake.

One-on-One Consulting Appointments

Individual appointments with Graduate Career Services consultants are available via Zoom. Schedule an appointment through Handshake. If you can't find a time in the system, email your assigned Career Consultant to inquire about availability. Our appointments are tailored to meet your needs.


Many of the resources we have offered students in the past can be accessed online, particularly job boards.


Handshake is the centralized career platform utilized by the Center for Career Development, including our Graduate Career Services team. The site offers:

  • Access to personalized job recommendations – This is based on your field of study, career interests, and profile information such as skills and experiences. 
  • Ability to schedule one–on-one consulting appointments – Our dynamic scheduling tool connects you with your program's designated consultant. All appointments are scheduled via Zoom.
  • Ability to research employers – Handshake offers convenient access to a directory of employers from across the country.
  • Connect with students across the country – Students can interact with their peers through messaging, get tips and advice, as well as network. 
  • Search for and apply to open positions – Handshake offers a number of opportunities for graduate students seeking industry positions in particular fields.  (note: Handshake should not be the only site you utilize to find job opportunities – see below).

Online Job Boards 

Graduate students are encouraged to utilize a variety of online resources to search for opportunities. Our Job Boards page provides convenient access to dozens of websites you can access for free.

Virtual Interview Resources

Most employers have transitioned to virtual interviews. Preparing can help build confidence leading up to the interview day. The following resources, all available on our Interviews page, are available to help with preparation:

  • Guide to Academic Interviews and Guide to Non-Academic Interviews – These two PDFs provide summaries of the difference between each process and also provide insight such as common interview questions.
  • STAR Method – Utilize this technique to tailor your interview responses to describe experiences in relationship to the skills and qualifications the organization is seeking.
  • Big Interview – Notre Dame provides graduate students free access to this online resource to practice answering interview questions. This program also provides the capability to review and improve your responses.
  • Schedule a mock interview – reach out to your consultant via email to schedule a mock interview.


Our team of career consultants are available to support you through all aspects for your career development. 

Haven't met with us, yet?  We can make a difference. Here's what other graduate students have said about our impact:

"Excellent walkthrough of career resources and very helpful talk. I feel I have somewhat better direction leaving the office and know now to continue this type of discourse."

"It was a very helpful meeting as I get started with my job searching process. I really appreciate that the consultant kindly walked through how to use Handshake and LinkedIn."

"I had many questions regarding potential internships for engineering Ph.D. students and the consultant was very helpful in answering my questions and guiding me through the process. The consultant helped me use resources such as Handshake and CareerShift, which I will be using in the near future to look for more opportunities."

"Very well structured and a great first appointment! I look forward to continuing to work with the consultant."

"The consultant is an absolute legend! The consultant is incredibly helpful as students maneuver the career exploration process, and is also very kind in all that the consultant does!"

"The meeting was incredibly helpful, and was a phenomenal start to thinking about career objectives. I wouldn't have changed a thing."

"Everything we talked about was extremely helpful. The overall experience was impressive and great."

"The consultant was very helpful. The consultant resourced for me more information about what I wanted."

"The consultant provided very helpful suggestions on resume, LinkedIn, future career path. Especially, the consultant demonstrated great resume template which fits my situation. We also discussed the content for each section in my resume. The consultant's suggestions provide a better-organized structure of my resume to exhibit my achievements."

"The consultant helped me identify a few places where I could further investigate what may best fit my needs."

"My appointment with the consultant was very helpful. The consultant gave me detailed constructive feedback on my resume and cover letter. The consultant also gave me job searching advice tailored more to the field i am interested in."

"The consultant is very professional and friendly! The consultant gave me lots of advice in preparing for the interview and revising the resume.  Very helpful for my internship application!"

"The consultant is so kind and helpful! "