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Success in the academic market is predicated on not only having a stellar research record but also presenting that record in a competitive manner through an ACADEMIC PORTFOLIO. Your professional documentation should receive the same level of attention as your dissertation. The elements of your academic portfolio—CV, cover letter, research statement, teaching philosophy, and diversity statement—will require time and effort in order to be competitive. Most graduate students go through several iterations of each document before including it in the final portfolio. Don't do everything on your own! Graduate Career Services has the knowledge and experience to help you prepare for the academic job market. 

  • ♣ Academic Job Search Materials - A partnership between Graduate Career Services and Notre Dame Learning (Kaneb Center). This step-by-step guide includes strategies for finding opportunities and preparing application materials for faculty positions. Content will continuously be updated as new resources are curated and developed (interviewing resources coming soon).
  • Academic Job Search Peer Groups - Join a group of graduate students and postdocs (3-5 people) who are either on the academic job market or are preparing for future years to provide support, accountability, discussion, and opportunity for peer review of application materials. (Coming soon)
  • ♣ National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity - On-demand access to the mentoring, tools, and support you need to be successful in the Academy.

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