Career Options

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EXPLORE CAREER OPTIONS that best fit your personality, skills, values, interests and goals to find best fit industries, occupations, and employers. As you learn about career paths of interest, make sure to connect with professionals and test out opportunities to develop a deeper understanding of what you enjoy. Utilize a variety of resources to learn about industries, career fields and occupations through different lenses including pay, work environment, qualifications, and more.

Self-Reflection and Targeting Careers

  • ♣ Pathway UIncludes assessments focused on interests, values, personality, and workplace preferences as well as tools to discover what career paths and job positions you best align with.
  • ImaginePhD: Geared toward (but not exclusive to) Humanities and Social Science graduate students, this brand new tool offers interest, skill, and values assessments, as well as the ability to connect your results to information about 15 relevant "job families". Significant resources are also available for learning about each job family (Career Exploration Worksheet)
  • MyIDP: Focused on science and other STEM careers, MyIDP provides exercises to help you examine your skills, interests, and values; a list of 20 scientific career paths with a prediction of which ones best fit your skills and interests; a tool for setting strategic goals for the coming year, with optional reminders to keep you on track; and articles and resources to guide you through the process

Trends in Career Outcomes 

Research where others in your field/discipline and Notre Dame alumni have secured employment. This can be done through a variety of resources including:

Academia and Higher Education (Faculty and Staff)

School Directories:

Jobs and Postdocs - In addition to leveraging faculty contacts, conferences, and professional organizations, consider setting up email alerts within job posting sites:

Structure of Higher Education Institutions (Organizational Chart Examples from ND)

 Outside Academia

Informational Interviewing and Job Shadowing

Connect with Notre Dame alumni, as well as other professionals, through events and online resources to gain more in-depth information about career fields and occupations of interest through informational interviews and job shadowing:

  • Informational Interviewing Guide
  • ♣ Irish Compass: Notre Dame's official online community driving powerful professional connections within the Notre Dame Network. Connect with alumni, discover career fields and positions, and apply to jobs
  • LinkedIn: Online professional networking all over the globe (User Guide). Discover people, groups, employers, positions, Notre Dame alumni and more
  • ND Alumni Directory: The most comprehensive list of alumni contact information
  • ♣ Career Shift: Get inside contact information immediately, including email addresses, for millions of companies