Application Process

What you learn in the classroom or lab is just one part of what will make you valuable to an employer after graduation. Your professional success will require more than just deploying your disciplinary knowledge and skills in a work environment. To compete in today's economy, you must learn to plan deliberately, communicate effectively, and think strategically. Once you've engaged in assessing and investigating potential careers, you'll also want to refine your understanding of the documents, strategies, and protocols that comprise the APPLICATION PROCESS. Graduate Career Services will work with you to craft and tailor your resume, CV, cover letter, and statements to showcase that you are the BEST FIT to an employer and position. We will also provide guidance in personal branding and networking both online and offline to build connections and showcase your qualifications and expertise.

  • ADDITIONAL CAMPUS SUPPORT: Writing Center (Graduate Student Services) - Provide 1-1 consultations
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    • Alumni - When you graduate, your NetID will be deactivated approximately 60 days after graduation. This may affect your access to career resources through Notre Dame. Make sure to check the list of overall benefits, along with career resources, available to you with your Notre Dame alumni email. If you have any questions in regard to access to career resources, you can connect with your assigned Graduate Career Consultant based on the academic program/department you graduated from.

Academic Portfolio

  • Develop a comprehensive portfolio and write effective statements (Research, Teaching, Diversity)

Non-Academic Portfolio

  • Develop a comprehensive portfolio and showcase relevant skills and experiences

Curriculum Vitae

  • Guide to develop a CV that stands out


  • Outlines resume basics as well as the differences from developing a CV

Cover Letter

  • Strategies to develop academic and non-academic cover letters

Online Presence

  • Leverage technology in a variety of ways to help in find and secure best-fit career opportunities by researching people, employers, and positions while showcasing your expertise and qualifications


  • Process to select the best references for each opportunity

Templates and Examples

  • Curriculum Vitae, Resume, Cover Letter and Statement examples