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For many people, the very mention of NETWORKING can produce anxiety. But in reality, networking can be an enjoyable process. Networking really comes down to relationship building.  Approximately 70% of all jobs are found through networking and at least 50% of these jobs are never advertised. So how do people find out about them? It's not as complex as you might assume - current employees will often tell their networking contacts when a position is opening up and will help those associates get interviews. With this in mind, you can see how valuable networking is in your job search.

Networking Strategies

  • Networking Brief: As you plan to reach out to alumni and other professional contacts, consider providing examples of your most relevant qualifications as well as positions, companies, and topics of interest. This can serve as a “Resume/CV Companion".

  • Conduct Meetings/Informational InterviewsAn effective method to build contacts and get your foot in the door
  • Business CardsA quick and efficient way to leave a lasting impression at events and when building connections
  • Stay Organized: Manage contacts, professional organizations, and events of interest using tools such as LinkedIn or Excel
  • Attend Events: Keep an eye out for events of interest to build connections both on and off-campus. Example Events: University of Notre Dame, Graduate Career Services, The Graduate School
  • Conversation Starters (The Muse)
  • Finding Emails: If you are having difficulty locating contact information, consider using sites such as Career Shift, Email Format, and "Hunter" to find email addresses for contacts. 

Alumni Networking

  • ♣ Irish CompassThe Alumni Association and Center for Career Development have partnered to bring this alumni mentor platform to Notre Dame. Network and conduct informational interviews with alumni, join discussions and pose questions focused on various industry groups, and search the job board that highlights experienced positions. Lastly, alumni can also volunteer for short-term mentoring relationships with current students
  • Notre Dame Alumni Directory: ND has some of the most loyal alumni in the world. Connecting with alumni provides students with an excellent network of contacts. Depending on your goals, you can find alumni that work in a particular industry, at a particular company, or in a particular geographic region. Notre Dame students have full directory access after creating an account. Contact the Alumni Association at (574) 631-6000 to inquire about access to the database
  • Notre Dame Clubs: These clubs connect you with people in a particular geographic region. Students can find upcoming events that provide the opportunity to network with alumni – some sites even allow you to upload your resume and others have job and internship postings. You can also try to connect with the young alumni representative of the club

Additional Notre Dame Resources

LinkedIn & Career Shift

  • LinkedIn: Professional networking site for more than 30 million experienced professionals in every industry and career field. You can create a profile and join the "Notre Dame Alumni Network", utilize the "Alumni" tab on the University's profile page, or ask to "Join" other "Groups" based on a variety of topics to begin building connections. For more information, check out our page on developing your online presence through LinkedIn.
  • ♣ Career ShiftDiscover contact information of employees in every industry that may be inaccessible through LinkedIn and other resources

Professional Associations

Discover and utilize organizations based on your interests, discipline, and career field (s). Many host events, conferences, and post job opportunities. Several examples are listed below. Search for professional organizations by topic and career field through ♣ "What Can I do With this Major?" and the Career One-Stop "Professional Association Finder":