Informational Interviewing

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An INFORMATIONAL INTERVIEW can be conducted by connecting with someone based on your interest in a particular career field, occupation, employer, or organization. It could be as formal as an in-office appointment or as casual as a chat over a cup of Starbucks; there's no requisite meeting format. The particulars should be determined by the preferences of the individuals involved. Participating in a number of informational interviews allows you to discover potential career trajectories or to align your career aspirations to a specific position title. It's also an easy way to practice interviewing skills without the nervousness and pressure of a formal interview and a great opportunity to make networking connections within an organization.

Finding Connections

  • ♣ Irish CompassConnect with alumni who have opted in to support ND students and alumni with a wide variety of career development topics, including informational interviewing
  • Notre Dame Alumni DirectoryDiscover information you can't find anywhere else through Notre Dame's largest directory
  • Notre Dame Directory (People, Offices/Departments): Connect with fellow students, staff and faculty
  • Notre Dame Alumni ClubsThese clubs connect you with people in a particular geographic region. Students can find upcoming events that provide the opportunity to network with alumni – some sites even allow you to upload your resume and others have job and internship postings. You can also try to connect with the young alumni representative of the club.
  • LinkedIn (how to find people): View professional profiles, join groups, and follow employers to build connections and  learn from industry professionals
  • Finding Emails: If you are having difficulty locating contact information, consider using sites such as ♣ Career ShiftEmail Format, and "Hunter" to find email addresses for contacts. 

Building Connections and Strategies for Interviews

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