Focus Your Search

Earning a graduate degree takes time, hard work and dedication—with the hope that, at the end, students will find a clear path to a fulfilling position. But things are never as simple as they seem. In today's economy, there are unique obstacles to job search success, especially if graduate students have not adequately prepared for the process. Graduate Career Services can help. Come see us.

Strategy and Focus

  • You may feel that your academic experiences have no value in the workplace; that you're pigeon-holed regarding potential career tracks. You may not feel confident in conducting strategic job search tasks like writing resumes and cover letters and interviewing, particularly if you went straight from an undergraduate program to a graduate program. We can help.

  • You may lack a strategic career focus. You might not have put too much thought into what you want to do with your University of Notre Dame graduate degree or in what ways your degree would be useful when the time came to search for full-time employment. We can help.

  • You may not know how much value your transferable skills can hold for a prospective employers, nor what skill employers (either in academia or industry/government) may be looking for—writing, problem solving, collaboration, project management, persuasion, internal motivation, etc. We can help.

  • You might not understand how to best communicate your value to potential employers. You might be tempted to provide too much detail about your dissertation or book chapter rather than highlighting the professional skills you've acquired along the way. We can help.

Expert Advice

Graduate Career Consultants are assigned by college and work in close collaboration with students to help them discover how their individual skills, interests, and values can be leveraged to open other career options. Your consultant can advise you on how to best highlight your personal stories, build professional networks, and interview with confidence.

Recommended Reading

Digital Resources

Staying organized during the job application process is essential. You can use this Strategic Job Search Tracker Template(Excel File) to keep track of your applications and identify trends in your search. See our Job Boards page to start exploring positions in fields and industries of interest. We have also curated this document with information and resources for careers in a wide variety of industries: Top non-academic careers

You can also check out Graduate Career Services's Pinterest Page, where we have posted a wide variety of carefully selected online content that may be of interest to graduate students. Check out the relevant career documentation boards for more tips and advice!