International Students

The hiring process is expensive, so most companies look to hire for the long term. Your ability to obtain an H1B visa will make you more desirable to an organization. Some employers sponsor international employees, while others do not. Some large companies (outside of those connected to defense) and universities only hire the best candidates, regardless of nationality--and many have no restriction on the number of H1B visas they may sponsor. Smaller companies may not be familiar with the hiring rules/regulations for those with visas. As a rule, positions within the US government, many national labs, and security/defense organizations require US citizenship or permanent residency. Postings within state or local governments may be open to hiring international candidates. We recommend that international graduate students use the resources below in combination with other networking activities to identify potential positions. In addition, the Graduate Career Services office supports students by identifying employers in the United States who have historically hired international professionals.

Campus and Alumni Support