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Graduate Career Consultants are assigned by academic college and provide discipline-specific expertise in career development and facilitation. Following a client-consulting model, we work in collaboration with departments, programs, and faculty advisors to connect students with a broad range of career services and resources. No matter your graduate degree or career path, we can help.  

  • Graduate Career Services - North Suite 528, Duncan Student Center, Notre Dame, IN 46556 (574-631-5202 ;
  • Individual Appointments (in-person, phone, or online/video): Use the direct scheduling link below for the appropriate consultant. If none of the available times fit your schedule, email your consultant directly 
  • Online Document Reviews (resume, CV, cover letter, academic statements, LinkedIn profile, etc): Email your assigned consultant below 
  • Workshop Request: Email your assigned consultant below or fill out our Request Form
  • General Inquiries: Email us at

Rc Small


Rob Coloney
Director, Graduate Career Services
W528 Duncan Student Center / 574-631-2418

Liz 160x100


Liz Loughran
Graduate Career Consultant, College of Science
W528 Duncan Student Center / 574-631-2080
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Larry Milks
Graduate Career Consultant, College of Engineering
W528 Duncan Student Center / 574-631-2087
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Erik Oswald
Graduate Career Consultant, Professional Master Programs
(ESTEEM, ACMS, Data Science, Global Affairs, Global Health, etc.)
W528 Duncan Student Center / 574-631-4424
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Erik Simon
Graduate Career Consultant, College of Arts and Letters (Humanities, Social Sciences, and Arts)
W528 Duncan Student Center / 574-631-1892
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Postdoctoral Scholars: