Thomas Meyers (Arts & Letters)

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Thomas Meyers is a Graduate Career Consultant for the College of Arts & Letters. Serving the community as an educator, scholar, and professional, Tom is an accomplished writer, communicator, and leader. He holds master’s degrees in philosophy from Western Michigan University and history from Seton Hall University and Notre Dame. In 2023, Tom will complete his Ph.D. in history at Notre Dame. His academic background and interest are in historical and analytical philosophy, with a concentration in metaphysics and epistemology, and European social, intellectual, and religious history, from the Middle Ages to the present. For the last 15 years, Tom has worked with students at various levels from the high school to graduate levels, helping them achieve their goals, refine their writing, and improve their presentation skills. Tom is a member of the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) and Graduate Career Consortium (GCC). Thomas can be reached directly at


Thomas J. Meyers 

Graduate Career Consultant | College of Arts & Letters
528H Duncan Student Center / 574-631-2080

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