Case Interviews

Case interviews are a standard practice for consulting positions in industry and some non-profit organizations. The secret to acing a case interview is preparation and practice. Graduate Career Services recommends that you familiarize yourself with the case interviewing format as it's quite different from other types of interviews.  A case interview is a special type of interview where the applicant is provided a challenge, problem, or question and asked to solve the situation.  The interviewer will look at the applicant's logic skills and assess their quantitative, analytical, listening, communication, and problem-solving abilities.  A case interview can be an individual or a group exercise. Practicing sample cases prior to an interview is the best way to prepare.

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Overall Resources

Employer Websites

Many employers who conduct case interviews provide great interactive case studies on their websites, so do your due diligence and check them out! Here are a few other sites that also offer interactive practice for case study interviews:

Additional Types of Interviews

  • AcademicAn academic interview is an opportunity to highlight your scholarship, research prowess, and cultural "fit' with potential colleagues at other institutions

  • Behavioral: Also called "Critical Thinking Interviews" focused on questions about how you make decisions

  • TechnicalFor many specialized positions, employers will want to ensure that you have the requisite skill set and may require a demonstration of your abilities

  • Informational: Conducted by connecting with someone based on your interest in a particular career field, occupation, employer, or organization