Academic Interviews

An academic interview is an opportunity to highlight your scholarship, research prowess, and cultural "fit' with potential colleagues at other institutions. Preparation can make the difference between a successful interview and an unsuccessful interview. In short, know your value-add to the department and college in terms of your research, your teaching, and your ability to bring in grants and fellowships. 


Additional Types of Interviews

  • Behavioral: Also called "Critical Thinking Interviews" focused on questions about how you make decisions

  • Case: Standard method used for consulting positions in industry and some non-profit organizations. Special type of interview where the applicant is provided a challenge, problem, or question and asked to solve the situation

  • TechnicalFor many specialized positions, employers will want to ensure that you have the requisite skill set and may require a demonstration of your abilities

  • Informational: Conducted by connecting with someone based on your interest in a particular career field, occupation, employer, or organization