Academic Interviews

An academic interview is an opportunity to highlight your scholarship, research prowess, and cultural "fit' with potential colleagues at other institutions. Preparation can make the difference between a successful interview and an unsuccessful interview. In short, know your value-add to the department and college in terms of your research, your teaching, and your ability to bring in grants and fellowships. Read our detailed (and downloadable) Graduate Career Services Guide to Academic Interviews for more in-depth information. 


Additional Types of Interviews

  • Behavioral: Also called "Critical Thinking Interviews" focused on questions about how you make decisions

  • Case: Standard method used for consulting positions in industry and some non-profit organizations. Special type of interview where the applicant is provided a challenge, problem, or question and asked to solve the situation

  • TechnicalFor many specialized positions, employers will want to ensure that you have the requisite skill set and may require a demonstration of your abilities

  • Informational: Conducted by connecting with someone based on your interest in a particular career field, occupation, employer, or organization