Patrick Miller

What excites you about your new position?

I am very excited to continue to do research along the lines of what I began at Notre Dame, perhaps even with more freedom to explore and with the reward of building tangible things. I also really enjoy working toward purposes and goals that I care about, not just the bottom line.

What steps did you take and/ what resources did you access to land this particular opportunity?

I think the most important contributor to this career outcome was that I took some time to help understand and clarify my values. Several people from Graduate Career Services really helped in that process at various points as a graduate student. As a result, I felt that doing research in industry was a great fit, and I was fortunate to find a company with similar values and open positions.

Looking back on your job search experience, what advice would you give to current students?

I found it really valuable to explore different career paths through meeting people, going to conferences, and interviewing. For me, learning was less about job-specific details and more about discerning my own values and fit with a particular career path or industry.