Maryam Moosaei

What excites you about your new position?

There is a large room for developing innovative technologies at this organization. It is a place that touches upon technology that people use in their everyday life. It is so exciting to be part of an industry that grants me the opportunity to advance state-of-the-art machine learning techniques and work with innovative minds that have influenced how we use technology today.

What steps did you take and/ what resources did you access to land this particular opportunity?

Understanding the current economy and working diligently to develop the appropriate technical and research skills demanded in the industry marketplace was the most important factor. Additionally, working with Graduate Career Services was extremely important because they taught me how to brand myself as a professional. They did an amazing job in helping me improve my CV, cover letter, website, and LinkedIn profile.

Looking back on your job search experience, what advice would you give to current students?

To start planning early and take full advantage of Graduate Career Services expertise and resources.  I would recommend that you have your CV, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile updated all the time because you never know when an opportunity arrives and you want to be prepared for it. Graduate Career Services can teach you how to search jobs in an effective way and how to develop interview skills. I also think that doing an internship a year before graduating is very helpful.