Karen Bailey

What excites you about your new position?

As an analytical chemist, I love working with instruments. At Intel, I have the opportunity to work with amazing, cutting-edge devices. There is always a different challenge or task to accomplish, which makes each day an exciting one! Regardless of how specialized my job role is within the company, it is very rewarding to know how much of a positive, global impact Intel has in science, technology, and the community.

What steps did you take and/ what resources did you access to land this particular opportunity?

Several key steps led me to where I am today:

  1. I found out what job opportunities aligned with my interests, values, and priorities. I took advantage of attending career fairs and conferences, on- and off-campus, to explore various career paths for my field. Networking and learning about different jobs were crucial to figuring out what I wanted to pursue.
  2. I was always considerate of my professional image. I used multiple resources on campus, including Graduate Career Services, Graduate Student Life, and Association for Women in Science, Notre Dame, to assist in LinkedIn and resume revisions, and practice interviews.
  3. I attended professional development and recruitment events when available, even if I was not ready to graduate. I am very grateful that Graduate Career Services organized the Intel Tech Talk. It provided an opportunity for me to network with an Intel area manager, which led to several interviews and securing a job about eight months before I graduated.

Looking back on your job search experience, what advice would you give to current students?

You own your graduate school experience, and it can be a great one if you find the right balance between succeeding in your research and academic studies, exploring potential job opportunities, and doing activities (on and off campus) that make you happy. Take the time to work on your professional development and understand the employment climate for your field, and that will help you in figuring out what skill sets to strengthen moving forward in your academic program. Most of all, take advantage of all the resources that Graduate Career Services has to offer. It is always better to ask and bring awareness to the needs of graduate students because Notre Dame does a fantastic job of listening and bettering the campus climate for their students.