Erik Blair

Graduate Career Services (GCS) helped me to fine-tune and present my own personal brand in an attractive way to prospective employers. They were friendly, encouraging, supportive, and personable to the point that they came to know me, my background, and professional objectives.

GCS helped me throughout the job search process, from finding job opportunities to interviewing and negotiation. I took advantage of many Graduate Career Service opportunities, from workshops on elevator pitches and developing my social media presence to personal consultations on finding job opportunities, tailoring my resumé or CV to specific job opportunities, and coaching on interview questions for specific opportunities in government, academia, and industry. I recommend that graduate students begin dialoguing with and participating in GCS events as early as possible, but no later than 18 months prior to graduation. Really, it’s never too early to start, and it’s probably helpful to start looking for jobs and learning the hiring processes for government jobs requiring a security clearance as early as 24 months prior to an anticipated graduation. Developing a smart balance of the recommendations from GCS, a savvy graduate advisor, and supportive personal contacts the target industry can pay huge dividends.