Former Students Speak

Most recent career articles indicate that the majority of employers are looking for new hires with both the technical and communication skills to get the job done. Don’t just dress for the job you want, put in the time to become the professional you want to be. We call that being #IrishReady.  

Graduate Career Services can help you to cultivate your personal brand and develop your professional presence. We’re proud to say that most of our appointments come from personal referrals. Students are our partners, and helping you to reach your professional potential is always our goal. 

Michael Gonzales

Michael Gonzales

Computer Science & Engineering


ELP Engineer - Software Engineering and UX Design

Graduate Career Services was phenomenal in helping me plan and determine the best approaches to my job search.

Thomas Metzger

Thomas Metzger


Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory

Senior Technical Engineer

The Graduate Career Services provided me with overwhelming support throughout my job search. Whether it was teaching me how to use the LinkedIn job search tool, re-vamping my resume/cover letter, or holding mock interviews, the GCS went above and beyond to prepare me for the job market. I can honestly say that I could not have been more prepared heading into my interviews. I highly recommend each and every Graduate student to take advantage of the many opportunities offered by the Graduate Career Services. 

Erik Blair

Erik Blair

Electrical Engineering

Baylor University

Assistant Professor

Graduate Career Services (GCS) helped me to fine-tune and present my own personal brand in an attractive way to prospective employers. They were friendly, encouraging, supportive, and personable to the point that they came to know me, my background, and professional objectives.

GCS helped me throughout the job search process, from finding job opportunities to interviewing and negotiation. I took advantage of many Graduate Career Service opportunities, from workshops on elevator pitches and developing my social media presence to personal consultations on finding job opportunities, tailoring my resumé or CV to specific job opportunities, and coaching on interview questions for specific opportunities in government, academia, and industry. I recommend that graduate students begin dialoguing with and participating in GCS events as early as possible, but no later than 18 months prior to graduation. Really, it’s never too early to start, and it’s probably helpful to start looking for jobs and learning the hiring processes for government jobs requiring a security clearance as early as 24 months prior to an anticipated graduation. Developing a smart balance of the recommendations from GCS, a savvy graduate advisor, and supportive personal contacts the target industry can pay huge dividends.

Amy	Jonason

Amy Jonason


Furman University

Assistant Professor

My Graduate Career Services Consultant gave very helpful advice about networking and strategizing for the job market.

Ding	Nie

Ding Nie

Electrical Engineering


RF System Integration Engineer

Graduate Career Services provide good guidelines to a successful job search. I encourage all students to use their services as early as possible. From my personal experience, a good resume, strong technical background and good communication/interview skills are key to finding the right jobs for graduate students. Using the Graduate Career Services to strengthen your resume and to practice interviewing is a very good choice.