Introducing: ImaginePhD! A career exploration tool for humanities & social science grad students

Author: Erik Oswald

We are excited to announce the launch of ImaginePhD - a free, online career exploration and planning tool designed specifically for Ph.D. students and postdoctoral scholars in humanities and social sciences. This tool can be used as a launchpad for career conversations at any stage in a student's academic training.
ImaginePhD users are able to:
  • assess their career-related skills, interests, and values
  • explore career paths appropriate to their disciplines
  • create self-defined goals
  • map out next steps for career and professional development success
Developed by experts from over 50 universities as part of the Graduate Career Consortium (GCC), ImaginePhD offers a unique platform that teaches PhDs about popular job sectors, search strategies, and how to transfer skills across settings. It truly supplements the services and resources we are currently providing through Graduate Career Services.  
Through the early design work provided by our office as well as the generous sponsorship of Dean Laura Carlson, Notre Dame was well-positioned to influence the development of this resource which has been needed for some time for our humanists and social scientists. ImaginePhD serves as a cornerstone to self-assessment and career exploration which are fundamental to the core principles of career development and our office.
For more details on the history of ImaginePhD and how to use it, check out this InsideHigherEd article posted by the GCC project team leads.