Intel on campus: MS and PhD opportunities for Process Development Engineering Positions


Location: 512 Duncan Student Center

Join Dr. Stephan Klopcic from Intel Corporation’s Logic Technology Department for an information session. He will discuss the role of the Logic Technology Department at Intel in the development of silicon process technology from a manufacturing perspective – focusing on the importance of Moore’s Law and the challenges of scaling. To succeed in a changing industry, Intel has continued to innovate, investing heavily in the development of new technologies, from the application of novel materials to the development of creative process flows.

Intel is seeking candidates for Process Engineering positions (MS and PhD) in Electrical Engineering, Materials, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Optics, Physics & Chemistry.

Pizza will be served, please RSVP.

Questions? Contact Larry Milks at

Dr. Klopcic will be conducting interviews for Module Engineer positions on Wednesday, December 12. To be considered for an interview, please send your resume to Larry Milks at so he can pass it on to Dr. Klopcic.