Versatile PhD: Humanities & Social Sciences

The Versatile Ph.D. for Humanities & Social Sciences connects students with thousands of fellow job-seekers who can provide insight on your search. The Graduate School has underwritten the cost of this fabulous resource so University of Notre Dame graduate students can access the site free of charge.

What is The Versatile Ph.D. for Humanities & Social Sciences?

The Versatile Ph.D. provides information to graduate students by identifying careers outside of academia that both utilize and value your professional skill set.  

How do I access The Versatile Ph.D.?

Graduate students can access The Versatile Ph.D. by clicking here to reach the site’s login page through the ND subscription portal. First-time users must click “Register Here” on the login page to set up a member account. Students who already have an account, just log in. As a registered user, you can connect with a vibrant online community, find support and advice from professionals knowledgeable about careers in industry, government, and non-profit organizations.

How do I use The Versatile Ph.D. to feel confident that I'm "IRISH READY" for the job market?

View the short tutorial on how to get the most out of the Ph.D. Career Finder feature and then create an account. Explore non-academic careers for Ph.D.s in your focus area and suggestions on how to prepare for them. Search job listings (either online or implement the email option to have delivered directly to your inbox). Check out the supportive and informative discussions in the Forums, and watch for monthly panels featuring professionals from specific career pathways.


"I think the website is a great tool. I plan to utilize it more in the future."  ND Social Science PhD