Go IRISH for Graduate Students

Go IRISH is Note Dame’s campus-wide career services management system – your employment database for full-time, internship, and volunteer opportunities. What you get out of Go IRISH depends on what you put into it. To maximize your possibilities, keep your Go IRISH profile updated, upload your CV/resume, and use Go IRISH to identify and research employers who are looking for people with your skills and experience.

Go IRISH Login

*(use the same userID/password used for your ND email and Inside ND login)

Complete your Go IRISH profile

  • Go to the Go IRISH homepage
  • Click "My Account" in left navigation bar
  • Click "Personal"
  • Enter information
  • Click "Save Changes" and "Continue"
  • Enter information on the Academic tab
  • Click "Save Changes" and "Continue"
  • Enter information on the Privacy tab
  • Choose "Yes" to receive email notifications (recommended)
  • Choose "Yes" to include your resume in the resume books available to employers (recommended)
    • Note: Only your default resume will be included in the resume book
  • Choose "Yes" to have job listings sent to your email address (You may opt out at any time)
  • Click "Save Changes"