Career Coaching

At the University of Notre Dame, we believe that graduate training is holistic. Together with the Graduate School, we promote our students’ professional development so that when they enter their careers — whether in academia, the private sector, government, or non-governmental organizations — they do so fully prepared and with confidence. To assist students in tracking their professional development activities, the Graduate School has developed a Professional Development Checklist, organized by items to be done early, middle, and late in one’s graduate career, for each of the core components of research, teaching, ethics and career.

In addition to the checklist, GCS recommends using the Graduate Student Professional Development Roadmap as a strategic resource when developing your professional documentation. The roadmap highlights many of the transferable skill sets acquired in graduate training and illustrates how these skills can be applied across a range of career opportunities.

Professional Development Events

Through its Professional Development department, the Graduate School offers workshops and events of particular interest to graduate students. To view and register for upcoming sessions, please check the Professional Development event page on a regular basis.

If you have suggestions for events, speakers, workshops or other feedback — or would like to announce your receipt of an external grant or fellowship — please contact the Professional Development team at

Your Personal Career Consultant

We have Graduate Career Consultants assigned to each college — find yours here. Your consultant has specialized expertise and works individually with students to reach career goals through tried-and-true processes and professional best practices. Working with our office will likely involve homework—attending workshops, reading articles, networking, and strategic planning—and will require effort on your part. Career coaching is a working relationship; you will be guided to think strategically, to work collaboratively, and to develop professionally. We'll seek to understand your current situation and offer one-on-one help rather than a one size fits all approach. Come see us.