First Destination Survey

Data Driven

The survey is a very brief (three to five minute) data gathering tool which is emailed to all Master and Ph.D. students upon graduation or upon your notifying Graduate Career Services of your employment decision. The results help us to understand the career choices University of Notre Dame graduate students make upon graduation. The information we request relates to your overall graduate school experience, career planning efforts, salary, and qualitative information on how prepared you feel for life after UND.

Although there are several other efforts (departmental/specific colleges) across campus designed to collect information on the post-graduation plans of graduate students, this is the only effort focused on reporting the actual post-graduation status of all University of Notre Dame graduate students. We ask you to share your information with us whether your career plans are firmly in place, a work-in-progress, or still figuring it out. Regardless of your status, your individual experience is important to us.

Mission Focused

The data we collect helps us to prepare future graduate students to achieve their career and post-graduation goals. Graduate Career Services provides comprehensive and reliable data to our graduate student base which can then be used to set realistic expectations for current graduate students, new alumni, and prospective graduate students. Equally important, the survey also provides accurate post-graduation outcomes information to the Notre Dame community as a whole (administrators, academic departments, etc.), employers, prospective/current graduate students, and they help fulfill local, national, and international media requests.

Student Centered

If you have already accepted full-time employment and have not yet completed the survey, click here to begin the questionnaire. No matter where life's journey takes you, we hope you will always feel #IrishReady!