Destination Management

In our discussions with Ph.D. and Master's students about the transition between graduate school and productive employment, that are certain topics that always come up. Considering and preparing for these common issues before graduation will allow you to make a smoother transition to the new reality of full-time employment. We call that being #IrishReady.

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Time Management

After tackling your research project and juggling your commitments as a graduate student, you may think of yourself as a time management expert. However, you might be surprised at the unique challenges of multi-tasking in the workplace—and your future promotions may depend on how effectively you can allocate your time. While there is a considerable learning curve to maintaining a work/life balance, honing your ability to handle multi-tasking in a work environment is critical to professional success.

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In graduate school, unprofessional conduct can be considered a rite of passage but in the world of work it can easily get you fired. Professionalism begins and ends with dependability, internal motivation, and personal accountability. No employer will expect perfection, but all will expect your personal best. Professional development never stops, so be curious! Find excitement in seeking out new knowledge and learn from past mistakes. The return on investment (ROI) will be substantial.


Few positions allow you to be truly independent. Your professional colleagues depend on you to do your job and keeping deadlines is essential! You may be able to talk your advisor into giving you more time to complete a task, but the workplace is rarely so forgiving. Be a team player and move your group forward. You don't want be the weakest link!

Financial Literacy

Take the time to understand your employment benefits and financial resources in addition to creating your monthly budget. Knowing your current salary is the first step. Learning how to stretch that paycheck to cover food, rent, transportation, and professional attire is an indispensable lesson. The financial decisions you make can have an enormous personal impact. Learn how to make good ones.

Ongoing Support

The University of Notre Dame faculty, staff, and administration want you to be successful post-graduation! To that end, Graduate Career Consultants work with students up to one year after graduation—and if you need support after that year, the Notre Dame Alumni Association has consultants who will continue to offer guidance and resources.