Academic Cover Letter

A cover letter is part of your academic portfolio and is essential for introducing yourself to the search committee. The content of the message is necessarily tailored to the school you're applying to and should align your education and experience with the current needs of the department. Convey the experience and expertise that make you the best fit for the open position. It's the first thing the search committee will see. To learn how to make your academic cover letter work for you rather than against you, please review our Academic Cover Letter and Anatomy of an Academic Cover Letter documents.

Recommended Reading

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  • Going on the Job Market? Some Dos and Don’ts for an Effective C.V. and Cover Letter - Tips compiled from faculty on how to write a CV and cover letter

  • Cover Letters – Academic - Guide from Columbia University

Digital Resources

Graduate Career Services has a Pinterest Page where we have assembled a wide variety expertly curated online content that may be of interest to graduate students. Check out our Cover Letters board for more tips and advice!