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Larry Westfall 2016

Lean In With Larry

Larry Westfall, Director Graduate Career Services

Somewhere during the course of our coaching sessions with students, the topic of value surfaces. Sometimes it's value in terms of "what is the value of my degree in the marketplace" or "what could I expect in terms of salary with my credentials." Looking at value from a monetary worth perspective is important as it helps to calibrate your expectations as to your net worth in an organization.
But there's another definition of value that is of equal importance, and that is the value that you bring to a given role or an organization. This type of value may not necessarily have a monetary worth as much as it helps to explain not only what you do as a researcher or scholar, but why it is important and how it will significantly impact an organization. This value can be measured in terms of your skills, your capabilities, or your experiences; those differentiating factors that give you a competitive edge against other candidates.  
It's worth asking ourselves then how are we building and expanding our skills and capabilities in our daily lives? Are we adding value to our organizations by finding new or innovative ways to do our work, or are we merely existing in our roles? In the end, our value is determined by who we are and what we've chosen to do with the talents we possess.
Here are a few things that came across my desk since last time...
  • Postdoctoral Researcher - Comprehensive Cancer Center - James Cancer Hospital & Solove Research Institute, Ohio State University
  • IBM Data Science and Engineering - Several intern positions posted for graduate students in Go IRISH.
  • Corning Incorporated Science, Physics, Engineering - Several full time positions posted for graduate students in Go IRISH
  • Go IRISH Graduate Jobs - Go IRISH is your ready source for Master and PhD job postings here at Notre Dame. Mark your calendar to check it on a weekly basis for updated job listings. Check out new Intern/FT listings for Masters/PhD students with NettApp today!
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Director's Log:  11/29/17