Presentations & Programming

We invite and encourage employers and alumni to participate in the professional development training here at Notre Dame’s Graduate School. Graduate students greatly benefit from the real-world experience of practitioners and professionals. If you have an idea for a program, you would like to present or sponsor, or if you would like to see what programming opportunities have already been developed by our office, please contact us at The following are some examples of the types of opportunities available:

  • Career Workshops - participate in career development skill building workshops on numerous topics from resumes and CVs to networking to strategic job search.
  • Career Cafes - host a small group forum for graduate students where you can participate in informal conversation and networking while discussing your organization, industry, and talent opportunities.
  • Information Sessions - hold an information session on campus to promote your company, share information regarding job or internship opportunities, and offer more details about your organization's culture.
  • Tech Talks - connect with students by hosting a technical talk on your company’s products or research followed by informal networking.
  • Research Symposiums - symposiums provide students with the opportunity to interact and exchange research ideas with colleagues and industry leaders. Through sponsorship of a symposium, you will have the unique opportunity to support and attend the collaborative event and contribute to the development of future leaders.
  • Networking Receptions - organizations are invited to host networking receptions and social events throughout the year to meet and interact with talented graduate students either across a College or within a particular Department. Whether it’s an informal lunch, cocktail reception, or more formal dinner, we welcome the opportunity to help you with your plans.