Liz Loughran

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Liz Loughran serves as the Graduate Career Services (GCS) Consultant for the College of Science. Liz seeks to empower students to pursue career experiences they find meaningful and impactful. Before joining the GCS team, Liz was an innovation consultant at enFocus where she gained business experience in a variety of sectors. Liz has a strong scientific background, holding a Ph.D. in integrated biomedical sciences and a B.S. in biochemistry from the University of Notre Dame. Liz carried out her doctoral research in the lab of M. Sharon Stack at Harper Cancer Research Institute and is a coauthor of 9 publications, including her two first author studies on the impact of age and parity on ovarian cancer metastasis. Liz is a member of the Graduate Career Consortium, the National Career Development Association and the Society of Catholic Scientists.