Career Planning


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Developing a strategic CAREER PLAN during your time at Notre Dame and beyond can improve your ability to search for and secure career opportunities that best match your unique personality, skills, interests, needs and goals. It is key to find time for Career Exploration, developing materials for the Application Process, and conducting a targeted Job Search that will lead to securing Interviews and offers. You Matter, Your Research Matters, Be a Force for Good!

Meet with a Career Consultant

  • Our Team: Dedicated "Career Consultants" serve as liaisons to the Arts & Letters, Sciences, Engineering, and Professional Masters Programs (ESTEEM) to serve students in a variety of capacities to help them develop and reach their career goals. Your consultant has specialized expertise and works individually with students to attain career goals through strategic processes and professional best practices.
  • Our Process (1-1 Appointments): Through active listening, our Consultants take time to learn your unique story to create a tailored experience that focuses on resources and strategies to develop concrete action steps. Career consulting is a working relationship; you will be guided to think strategically, to work collaboratively, and to develop professionally. We'll seek to understand your current situation and offer one-on-one help rather than a one size fits all approach.
  • Scheduling: Find a time that fits your calendar by utilizing our online scheduling system. Feel free to email your Consultant with your availability if you are unable to find a time.

Career Planning Resources 

Career Planning & Development Guidebook: A comprehensive guide for career development created by our team

Self-Refection and Exploring Career Options:
  • Imagine Phd: Geared toward (but not exclusive to) Humanities and Social Science graduate students. Includes interests, skills, and values assessments, as well as the ability to connect your results to information with15 relevant job families. Significant resources are also available for learning about each job family. Includes a "My Plan" feature to organize your academic and career goals throughout your time at Notre Dame
  • My IDP: Focused on science and other STEM careers, MyIDP provides exercises to help you examine your skills, interests, and values; a list of 20 scientific career paths with a prediction of which ones best fit your skills and interests; a tool for setting strategic goals for the coming year, with optional reminders to keep you on track; and articles and resources to guide you through the process
Identifying Employers, People, and Job Postings of Interest:
  • ♣ Irish Compass: Notre Dame's official online community driving powerful professional connections within the Notre Dame Network. Connect with alumni, discover career fields and positions, and apply to job postings
  • Notre Dame Alumni Directory: Largest directory for finding ND alumni
  • ♣ Go Irish: Discover employers, jobs, events and more from those who want to hire ND students
  • LinkedIn: Discover people, groups, employers, positions and more (User Guide)
  • ♣ Career Shift: Find contact information from industry professionals, job postings, employers and more

Graduate Training & Campus Support

Graduate School:
  • Graduate Training: Workshops and events of particular interest to graduate students. To view and register for upcoming sessions, please check the event page on a regular basis. If you have suggestions for events, speakers, workshops or other feedback — or would like to announce your receipt of an external grant or fellowship — please contact the Professional Development team at
  • Office of Grants and Fellowships: Search for opportunities and connect for application support
  • Shared Expectations: Initiative that includes strategies and a conversation guide to developing a healthy relationship with faculty mentors and advisors
Additional Campus Partners:
Overall Skill Development:
  • "Career Readiness": Which skills/competencies do you want and need to gain to be competitive? Developed by NACE (National Association of Colleges & Employers). Also, view industry/discipline specific competencies (Ex. Professional Competency Areas for Student Affairs Educators)
  • T-Shaped Professional: Research has emphasized the need for today’s professionals to possess deep disciplinary knowledge along with a keen ability to communicate across social, cultural and economic boundaries.
  • ♣ Mango Languages - PhD-created, linguist-approved language-learning software teaches practical conversation with fun, flexible learning tools to keep users inspired and engaged. Offers 70+ foreign languages as well as English courses for non-native speakers. A full list of languages offered can be found here