Erik Simon (Arts and Letters, 5+1)

Erik Simon Sq

Erik Simon serves as the Graduate Career Consultant for the College of Arts & Letters (including IPS PhD and 5+1 Program). As a Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Facilitator with a background in elementary education and higher education student affairs, Erik takes a holistic, "Self-Authorship" approach to personal and professional development in order to empower, serve, and support students in reaching their short-term and long-term goals. With over seven years’ experience in Career Services focused on the Humanities, Social Sciences, Arts, and Communication, he upholds the value of a liberal arts education. Erik is also a member of the Graduate Career Consortium, National Association of Colleges & Employers, and National Career Development Association (Connect with Erik on LinkedIn).

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Erik Simon, M.Ed. 

Career Consultant - Arts & Letters

W528 Duncan Student Center / 574-631-1892

The Graduate Career Services team will be on different in-person and virtual schedules during the fall semester for appointments to minimize the amount of staff in our office on any given day due to the current health situation. Virtual appointments will also be available on days staff are in the office. You can schedule appointments and view Erik's availability through our career management system "Handshake". Feel free to email him directly if you have any questions or are having any challenges with finding times in the system. If you choose to meet in-person, please make sure to view the new Graduate Career Services appointment protocol for in-person appointments. Erik's schedule starting the week of February 1st (2021) is below. Check Handshake for his current availability:

  • Mondays - In-Person or Virtual
  • Tuesdays - In-Person or Virtual
  • Wednesdays - Rotates In-Person and Virtual Each Week (Starts In-Person on 2/10/21)
  • Thursdays - Virtual Only
  • Fridays - Virtual Only

Job Search Peer Groups

Join a "Job Search Peer Group" - Meet regularly with a small group of your graduate student and postdoc peers to create accountability and community when preparing for the academic and/or non-academic job search process. Graduate Career Services will provide overall structure, resources, and suggestions to stay on track, but it will be each group's decision on how to best proceed to meet the goals and needs of their group:

Online Career Communities (Hosted in "Google Classroom")

Join an Online "Career Community" ("Google Classroom"- If you are unable to meet regularly with a small group of your peers, consider joining online "Career Communities" to receive up-to-date information specific to your career paths of interest. Each community includes targeted resource libraries, curated alumni contacts, live updates/notifications, and messaging for questions and resource sharing. You can opt-in and opt-out whenever you would like. You can join each group using the following codes: