Our Process

Our Process

Our model is founded on the premise that career development is a lifelong, cyclical process. Although this is a self-initiated process, graduate students will also draw essential support and resources from their department, faculty advisor, and mentors as well as from the Graduate School and Graduate Career Services. Our office uses a three-stage model – Engage ▪ Develop ▪ Empower – to help organize and plan graduate student career development.

We guide students through a theory-based process designed to help them make intentional, forward-looking academic and work-related decisions and reach their career goals. We encourage you to explore all the information, resources, and tools provided in each area of our model. No matter where you are in the process, Graduate Career Services is here to assist you.


Assess & Investigate

  • Personal Development 
  • Career Positioning 
  • Career Coaching


Build & Prepare

  • Career Portfolio
  • Interviewing Essentials
  • Professional Presence


Implement & Connect

  • Strategic Networking 
  • Career Search 
  • Destination Management