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Larry Westfall 2016

Lean In With Larry

Larry Westfall, Director Graduate Career Services

Through a series of conversations and events over the past few weeks, I was reminded of an oft quoted precept of Stephen Covey - “There are three constants in life… change, choice, and principles.” Relatively simply and straight forward, but as you think more deeply about each word's meaning and then putting them together - change, choice, and principles - give you the power to achieve your dreams. You can change your life, if you align your choices with the timeless principles that produce success. Impossibilities become possibilities and dreams become realities.  
Similarly, when you apply this thinking to your career strategy, you can produce success in your search efforts if you change your approach or paradigm, and realign your options to this new reality, and then apply it to the guiding principles of your values, interests and motivations. Throughout our work with graduate students, we guide you through a proven, theory-based process designed to help you make intentional, forward-looking decisions and reach your career goals. And, we have found that those students who are purposeful in their career pursuits are those that are most successful.  
So are you falling victim to a random series of unfortunate events that could describe your career search efforts? Or are you being intentional in ensuring the choices you need to make today are aligned to where you want to be tomorrow? No matter where you are in your career search, remember, Grad Careers is there to help. Give us a call!
Here are a few things that came across my desk since last time...
  • Interview Like a Rockstar! - Join Grad Career Consultant Erik Oswald on Tuesday, November 14th from 4-5pm in Debartolo 136 for an informative discussion on behavioral-based interviewing, response strategies, and tips for preparation. For more information and to register, click here.
  • Early Career Scientists Leadership Program - Students, postdocs, and other early career scientists (ECS) are the future of the GSA community. To strengthen their voice in the Society, the GSA has developed an ECS leadership and professional development program. This program provides rich opportunities for early career scientists to develop skills, gain leadership experience, network, and produce concrete deliverables that demonstrate their abilities. Click here for more detail. Application deadline is Nov 30th.
  • Cultivate Volunteers Needed - Looking for a way to give back and support the local community? Need to enhance your resume with service and volunteerism? Then take a look at volunteering for Cultivate, a non-profit devoted to ending the cycle of joblessness, poverty, and hunger in the local communities of northern Indiana by providing a food rescue service and job training in the culinary arts. Get your lab or study group together, or colleagues from across campus, and volunteer together. For more information, contact Jim Conklin at
  • Job Board Opportunities - Check out some of these recently posted jobs seeking Masters and Phd candidates:
  • Go IRISH Graduate Jobs - Go IRISH is your ready source for Master and PhD job postings here at Notre Dame. Mark your calendar to check it on a weekly basis for updated job listings. Check out new Intern/FT listings for Masters/PhD students with NettApp today!
  • Unhindered Career Commentary - Check-out our latest blog post by Dean Laura Carlson as she speaks to why Your Research Matters at Notre Dame and beyond.
Until next time, always remain #IrishReady!



Director's Log:  11/6/17